Thursday, 8 November 2012


October has been a much better month with some consistent swimming and gradual progression.  The sleep deprivation has been at an all time low with both kids vying for attention through the night.  I see this as a great training tool, if I can bang out 4-5km each session on just a few hours sleep each night this will hold me in good sted for the end of my Channel swim.  That's assuming that I have had some good/regular sleep in the lead up - may have to be a tent in the garden!

I have managed to get out to the Serpentine a couple of times doing an hour each time in around 10c water.  Both days were overcast so meant it felt even colder, good mental prep.  It does start to play with you mind though, when getting toward the end of the hour all I can think of is getting out and getting warm.  If I am struggling with an hour in 10c am I going to be able to make it for 12+ hours in 16-18c water?!  I have to stop the negative chatter in my brain....a 6c increase is significant and having an increase in air temp and maybe even sun on my back will make all the difference.

My wrist is still a little stiff but getting better, hoping it isn't a long term thing.  My right shoulder has started to ache a bit which may just be over use, but could be bad technique.  So I am getting regular massage and plan to get some stroke analysis as I don't want this to grow into something bigger.

Overall I am really happy with the quantity and quality of my training (although I am not going to talk about the lack of strength training ....... shhhhh).  Not working this month has obviously helped to do longer sessions.  Next month I will be back driving a desk so lets see how that impacts training.